!DAZ:  These files will not be visible in Daz Studio, but they are important files for your characters and it is best not to touch them and certainly don't move them.

.cm2: These will be Camera Presets. Some items, come with their own camera presets for convenience, especially larger structures such as buildings or environments.

.cr2: These are your figures. The people, animals, clothes, and some props that are in .cr2 format. Hair can also be found in here if it has a .cr2 extention instead of a .hr2.

.fc2: These are face files. Some expression sets or character sets may be saved as face files, but most will still be found in poses.

.hr2: Hair. Again, you will find it here and in Character/Figures. Just depends on who made it and what saving format they used.

.hd2: Hand files - usually specific poses for smart props (a hand closed around a staff) but also some other hand poses for convenience sake. By the way, hands are much easier to pose in Daz Studio than they are in Poser! ;)

.lt2: Light Presets. These are specific light settings for different kinds of scenes. Again, some large structures and environments come with their own Light Presets for your convenience (though you aren't required to use them).

.mc5, .mc6, .mz5, etc. : Several file formats, these are specific material files from Poser created textures and items - not sure if all of them work in D/S, just note that the file is there.

.pz2: Pose Files. These can contain anything from physical poses, head and body "morphs" (change of features) material poses, which may add textures to clothes or items, etc. For example, you may find a dress .cr2 for V3 in "Characters" and then in Poses you will find several .pz2 material "poses" to change the color or style of the dress. Similar to when you changed the style of Victoria LE's fairy dress.

.pp2: Props. They can be small. They can be big. They can be huge. From a set of earrings to a Haunted Mansion. You never know what you will find in Props, so before you think something may be lost, check in here!

As I mentioned above, some paople prefer to unzip their files into a test folder first to make sure the main file structure holds true. If it does, simply grab the main runtime from the temp folder and place into the Content Folder by hand -
it will ask about overwriting files, just say okay and let it install.

That is pretty much all you need to know about installing. I will just add one more thing here for the more adventurous among you.  Just a small word about organising your files.

Look back up at the picture with the folders circled by color. See the folders circled in aqua blue? These are what we will refer to as Sub-Folders. You can arrange them as you wish as long as you keep them within the correct Category.

For example, in your Character category you may want to put V3 figures (cr2) and all of her clothes figures (also cr2) in the same file folder. You might even make a folder for Michael, another for Aiko, etc. And... you can use sub-sub folders! So, in the Aiko folder, you may have several more folders, such as clothes, characters, shoes, etc.  And it isn’t just people and clothes that will show up in this category – you will also find some buildings, furniture, etc. Most of such will be in Props (pp2) but if it has a cr2 extension it goes in Character.

Again, you may arrange the sub-folders in whatever way is most convenient for you. Just keep the Main Categories themselves intact and make sure the correct file extensions are in the right category. And if you do re-arrange the sub-folders, remember when you install something new that it will not install to your sub-folders, but will install to the default placement. If you want to keep your files arranged, be sure to go into your file explorer and put the new stuff where you want it.

But of course, you don’t have to do this. You can simply install with the installers, unzip the files, and make sure the categories are respected, and use the sub-folders that come with the installations. You can always come back later and re-arrange once you are more comfortable with the Program.

Your next step is, of course, to either buy more content or get out there and hunt down the free stuff - or both!  But before you go, one last offering - when either buying or downloading free stuff,
be sure to check the Requirements! Some items, especially some texture sets, require you to have a separate item already installed. Just as a Pirate Outfit for M3 requires you to have M3 installed, so will any texture packs made for that Pirate's outfit require you to have the Pirate outfit installed. Don't buy or download things you can't use! Read carefully and know what you are getting and if you can use it! Believe me it will save you lots of time and frustration.

That said, there really is plenty of free stuff out there to get you started. It may require you to spend a little time searching, but that can be half the fun - think of it as a treasure hunt. You never know what you may come across!

On Your Own!!

So, are you ready? You are on your own now! Don't forget there are plenty of Forums where you can get more help and information, especially at Daz, so don't hesitate to ask if you get confused about anything at all. You can also reach me at the email provided and I will help in any way I can.

I hope this tutorial has been of some help to you! And I want to thank everyone at the Daz Studio Discussion forum for helping me learn this program. Special thanks to those who helped me put together this tutorial, and encouraged me along the way: Richard Haseltine, Leather Gryphon, Retired sailor, Village Idiot, Gratters, Locke21, Casey42, maclean, Pleidius, Lakys, acanthis, morriganshadow, Porter,  sammy2, Questor, pickersangel,  and last but not least, chickenlips! I hope I didn't miss anyone - you've all been helpful in one way or another, and I thank you so much!
Part 7: Adding New Content
New content. That is a huge subject actually, so many things to cover, but I’ll try to be brief and put things into a logical order. Fact is, whether it’s freebies or purchased, you will be adding content if you plan to continue in this world of posing – and face it, if you’ve made it this far, you’re hooked already!

There are several points to cover here, so before you go off filling up your hard drive with a ton of stuff, please read all the way through this section. You will be glad you did.

The first thing you need to know is that there are two “types” of content. (No, I don’t mean free and purchased, though there is that element to consider.) What you will find is that there is
Daz Studio formatted content and Poser formatted content. What you have been using in this tutorial is Daz Studio format. Aside from textures, all of these files will end in either .daz or .dsb.

When you start adding new content it will, in most cases, be Poser formatted content. These file extensions will be things like .cr2, .hr2, .pz2, etc. I will explain more about these in a moment, for now all you need to know is that when Daz Studio “points to” files, it can only read one type within a given file path. So whatever you install that is in Poser format will have to be added as a separate file path in your Preferences, even if it is installed in the same place!

A word you will be hearing often is “runtime”. Basically, a runtime is one of these file paths. It is where everything is stored. And you can have more than one runtime, in fact, you must have more than one runtime, because your Poser files and Daz files will not appear together in the same file path no matter what you do. They have to be “pointed to” separately. We'll come back to that in a minute...
Find the .exe file for Victoria3 and click on it. A Daz installer will begin – one of several types of Daz Installers, I will show you another one in a moment. First the installer will ask you to choose if you want to include an uninstaller. Your choice, doesn't matter. Continuing on through another “next” you will come to a page like this:
If the C-Net files are no longer available, follow these instructions:

Go to DAZ Productions, (link, upper left) be sure you are Signed In, and download the two free figures – Michael 3, and Aiko 3. The quickest way is to use the search engine on the first page, upper right. Put each name in, including the word "base", such as "Michael 3 base") and you will get a list. Scroll to and click on the Base of each – it will be marked free.  In the product window, click on “add to cart”. Do this for both of them, then go to “checkout”. Nothing will be charged, they are all free, but you must be signed in and go through checkout for them to appear in your downloads. Choose paypal for payment (you don't have to have a paypal account, this is just to get you through the process), and finally you should be able to check out and "purchase" these free items. Download them to a file you can easily find, because the next step is installing  your new content.

A small aside here while you are waiting for download… you may be scratching your head and wondering, “Why are we talking about installing again? Since these characters are DAZ products, won’t they just install in with the other Daz content?” The answer is, yes and no. It can be installed in the same place but it won’t show in your files until you point to it separately, because it is all in Poser format. Don’t be confused because it comes from Daz Productions. Daz started out making content for Poser long before it ever had a Studio to play with. And it continues to make content for Poser. Therefore, almost everything you download from Daz, aside from a few special packages, will be in Poser format.

However, I will add that recently more and more merchants are including a separate D/S format download in addition to the regular Poser format. Sometimes these iinclude all of the files needed - but other times you may still need to download the Poser files, as the included Daz files may just be settings for the main files, and not the files themselves. Hopefully you will find instructions in the readmes, so go ahead and download both when they are available.

Now that we have that out of the way, you should have your downloads, so let’s install them. We’ll start with Victoria 3.  Yes, you already have a Victoria installed, but make note that she is the lo-resolution version, and in Daz Studio format, while the Victoria 3 from C-Net is high-resolution and has a different set of morphs, etc. If you were unable to get the V3 from C-Net, simply choose Aiko 3 to install for this exercise.
This is simply to choose your host or target application, in this case Daz Studio. Note the text outlined – no matter where you put these files, they are still Poser format. The pull down box will give you options to choose Daz Studio or one of the Poser builds, so choose Daz Studio and then Next.

In most cases, since this is a new install, the Destination Directory for Daz Studio known directories should show your correct file path in the space indicated below. If you see your file path to your Daz Studio directory in this line, just click on Next. If not, then you will need to click the small circle next to “Specified Directory” and browse for it. I have shown this in the second image.
You will notice that when you go to the file path, there will be a file called runtime in your Daz Content directory. This is where your Poser formatted items will be installed. But an important point, do NOT click on the runtime file itself. New users often do this and it then does not install properly.
Do not click here
This is good
Make sure your file path goes to the directory that contains the runtime, not to the runtime itself. In this case, if you have installed Studio in the default place, it will be as indicated – c:\program files\Daz\studio\content.

Do you notice something? Yes, this is the exact same file path where you installed your original Daz content. That should make it easy to remember!

Continue through the next couple of “nexts” and your file will then install. Once complete, do the same thing for Michael 3 and Aiko 3 and Hiro 3.

Before we go any further I would like to show you a couple of other things you might run into when installing some of the older Freebies from Daz. Different installers have different quirks, but all are easily worked around. In one kind of installer, you may be asked to search for installed components, or it may start searchin on its own! Either say no, or stop the search - it's a waste of time.

By the way, if you explore your Daz Studio installation you will find that there is a file called Poser.exe in the main directory. This is simply so the search engine will recognize Daz as a place where a Poser runtime is situated. Without this file it cannot find the Poser runtime in Daz.

Another installer may ask you which copy of Poser you wish to install to.  Most likely only the Poser from your Daz installation will show up - unless you are a new user who has already worked with Poser, in which case, you may have several show up. Main thing - it doesn't matter!
Now look on your Content Tab. You will see a new “runtime” has been added. It is called Content, because this is the name of the file directory that holds the Poser runtime. You will notice you also have two sub categories – Figures and Poses. Granted, there is not much there yet – you are going to have to add some more content, and eventually you will have several new categories appear in that runtime. And as long as you continue to install your Poser formatted files into the Daz Content folder, they will show up in this runtime. No need to point to it again, it’s there to stay.
Regardless of what the installer asks of you, you will eventually come to a page where the file path must be confirmed. This is where you find and confirm the path to your files which, again, if you have installed to the default folders, should be:

Third type of installation – what you will find on most other sites, either free stuff or purchased – the good ole Zip file. All you need is WinZip (free version is fine) or any one of a number of zip programs. If you don’t have one yet, get one. There are a lot of zip files out there just waiting to get into your folders!

In most cases, if the merchant has set up the files correctly, all you have to do is double click to open the zip file and extract it to your Daz/content folder – again, not the runtime, the folder that contains the runtime. Also make sure your Zip Program is set to
keep file/folder structures intact.

Inevitably you will find some files that do not unzip correctly. This is especially true with many "freebies" made by enthusiastic and generous people who are not quite familiar with the correct file structure. This can be confusing, but eventually you will learn which files are out of place and where to put them. Besides, I’m going to show you where they go!  But first, know that a number of people simply create a test folder, unzip into that, and make sure the files are correctly set up. Of course you need to know what correctly set up means.
Let's take a little look into your Studio Folder where Daz Studio and the above Poser Content is installed. Notice, above all, the hierarchy of the installed folders. The folders circled in Blue are where your original Daz Content is installed. You may recognise some of the folder names; Animals, People, Props. You will find your Victoria LE in there, and the other things you worked with in the beginning of the tutorial..

What we are lookiing for now, though is the "runtime" of your Poser specific files. See the folder called Runtime? That folder, along with all the other folders circled in
Red is where your Poser specific content resides. Note that the "Scenes" folder can be used for both - this is where your Daz scenes are stored.

The next level down from Runtime you will find three main folders (circled in
Green): Geometries, Libraries, and Textures. (Weblinks is just where Daz installs links to their products.) Geometries will hold all .obj or Object files - these are the 3-d objects, or meshes, that form the structure of the figures and props you will be using. Textures will hold .jpg or .png, or other 2-d graphic files. These are the files that your figures and props "call to" for their textures.

Very Important: Do Not change anything in these two files!
Libraries, the third folder directly under Runtime, is where you will be able to find and use most of your figures, poses, props, etc. These are the Main Folders that will show up in Daz Studio under your Content runtime on the Content tab! And here is where the organising comes in. In our example you will notice there aren't many folders yet, because we haven't installed much. Eventually, in the Libraries directory, you will have a list of folders including categories like Lights, Props, Cameras, etc. Note that these will be your Main Categories for all Poser Specific files. Aside from the Geometries and Textures, this is where most of your files should install, into the Main folders shown in orange and into sub-folders as shown by the folders circled in Aqua Blue.
Let's take a closer look at the Main Categories under your Library Folder. In the chart to the right, I have shown most of the Folders you will see in your Library as seen in the file structure above. These are the folderss that will show up in Daz Studio under "Content" on your Content tab. And this is how you will know if the files are installed correctly. Each Category folder should contain files with the following extentions as seen on the chart. I will go into more detail, but bottom line, if you think something may be out of place, look at the file extention and see if that file is within the correct category.
-XXXX-( !DAZ )
Free Figures!
Now that your Daz Figures have found their place in your Daz Folder,  we have to find them so they will show up in Studio. Remember how you found the original Daz content files? Now we have to do the same for these files - because, remember, they are not "daz format".  Return to Edit/Preferences. This time, in the window that pops up choose Poser Content Directories. Go through the same steps as before, click add, find the file path (the same one you used for Daz Content) and click on Apply.
Get it from CNET Download.com!
At the time of this writing, there is an offer at C-Net where you can get 4 free DAZ figures - Michael 3, Victoria 3, Aiko 3, and Hiro 3. I am including that link here for you, but I cannot guarantee that it will be valid for much longer, so get it now before it's too late:
Installing from Zip Files
Where the Files Go